ST Art Material Co., Ltd

ST Art Material Many people would know and be familiar with. Very well with acrylic paint, poster paint, watercolor and many other colors.

ST Art Material Co., Ltd. started business in 1995 by starting to produce Phukan under the brand Thai Laemthong, which is the family’s surname by Mr. Krittikorn Thailaemthong, the founder of the company. has brought the production technology from Germany, England, China and Korea, combining know-how together

Later, he began to produce paints and mixed media by himself and is now known as ST Art.


Museo is designed to enhance the quality of both sketchbooks. and art equipment that is of true Thai blood

Museo products are developed in collaboration with many artists. such as teachers in the field of art including many professional artists Therefore, the standards of MUSEO are of high quality and meet All the features of good use

And many talented artists have been photographed on the cover of a beautifully designed sketchbook. including boxes of various products from MUSEO

We select and pay attention to every detail. So that those who love and love art can get a good painting experience. and enjoy MUSEO products


basic stationery supplies hide the special with a modern design and the quality that PASTELA selected for illustrators or people who are passionate about drawing to enjoy using quality equipment. Enjoy the world of imagination


Suitable for both students, students and professional illustrators.